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It takes a while, but gets going eventually…

Work continues on first drafts. I write from the treatments I completed last month, ten pages of script per day until I’m done, before moving onto the next.

It didn’t come easily: I found that writing from these treatments wasn’t so easy without some preparation (or maybe better treatments; something to learn for my next scripts). This brought to mind a blog I read some time ago about how one particular writer raised her word count from 2000 words per day to more than 10000 per day

I’ve linked to Rachel Aron’s blog before, but I hadn’t understood it fully until this most recent writing experience. She writes of how she needs three things in place before she writes: time, meaning the best time and place for her to write; knowledge, meaning knowing exactly what she was going to write; and enthusiasm, where her excitement about what she was going to write kept her going until her work was done.

This certainly worked for me: going over my treatments with a pen, noting which approaches to take in certain scenes, creating scenes within scenes also, enabled me to continue through to my daily page quota with the minimum of fuss and a lot of enjoyment.

That said, these are only the most undeveloped of first drafts: the action here is to get things down on paper; the real writing will come as I rewrite. But as I learn more about the technique of screenwriting, the process and results will become more fascinating than before.

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